This web site is meant to show you the state through my eyes and camera lens --- the people, the land, the culture. I invite you to browse around, and enjoy the photos and content.

I have been photographing interesting places in Wisconsin since 2005 and have built up quite a gallery.

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I am now proud to present my photos to you to purchase, narrow black frame, print 8" x 10", total frame size with matte about 13 x 11". I have selected some of my favorites for you to consider for your collection. These are all originals, taken by me. I will rotate and add new selections over time. That said, I can offer any photo shown on this web site for the same price, the same style and dimensions. You would simply need to e-mail me, tell me which one you want, and I will invoice you. Payment must be made prior to shipping. Go to "Order Framed Prints"

Stockholm, a new generation brings a town back to life


I was exploring the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River between St. Paul, Minnesota and La Crosse, Wisconsin to the south. I came across a fabulous little village called Stockholm. It is on Lake Pepin, which is a naturally occurring lake formed by a backup of water due to sediments from the Chippewa River just a tad downstream. Stockholm truly is a village tucked along the shores of the Mississippi. And what a delightful surprise it was. This town is a "must visit." February 19, 2017. Go to story.

Lodi, the "peaceful valley" in south central Wisconsin


Lodi means "peaceful valley." The village is located in the heart of scenic southwestern Wisconsin, Columbia County. The town is part of he Madison Metropolitan Statistical Area, just 20 minutes north of Madison. It is about four miles southeast of Lake Wisconsin, formed by the Wisconsin River. The town boasts a Historic District, two Historic residential neighborhoods and is widely known as home to Susie the Duck, a mascot for Lodi since 1948. January 25, 2017.
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Osceola, enchanting small town on the St. Croix


Osceola is located on the the Croix National Scenic Riverway with a collection of well-preserved buildings dating from the 1880s. It sits on the border with Minnesota and is about 40 miles northeast of Minneapolis. There is a Cascade Falls empties the Osceola Creek into a deep gorge carved out by the St. Croix River, was the reason for the founding of the village, and frankly the reason I stopped to visit. December 19, 2016. Go to story.

Lancaster, "City of the Dome"


The City of Lancaster is located in the southwest corner of Wisconsin. It is known as the "City of the Dome" for the beautiful Grant County Courthouse in the center of downtown. I was enamored by how the city has preserved its old architecture. It is the county seat of the picturesque Grant County in the extreme southwest corner of the state. Nelson Dewey, the first governor of Wisconsin, is buried in the city. Visitors have recommended you enjoy an interesting walking tour of 31 different historical highlights on or near the Grant County Courthouse Square. November 27, 2016.
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Potosi, a brewery town working its way up

Potosi's story is a great one, an American one

Potosi is a small town of about 700 people off Hwy 61, and just a few miles north of the Mississippi River, near the Great River Road. TravelWisconsin says, "The tiny town of Potosi completed a major renovation of its local brewery that today houses the National Brewery Museum and the National Brewery Transportation Museum. If you like Breweriana, you’ll be amazed. The museum is also home to an interpretive center for the nearby Great River Road, a National Scenic Byway that follows the route of the Mississippi River. Potosi is also the location of one of the oldest lead mines in the state." The town also prides itself as the state's "Catfish Capital!" And there's plenty more of which to be proud. October 1, 2016. Go to story.

Mineral Point, an "architectural gem" in the hills


Mineral Point is the third largest city in Wisconsin, about 2,500 people at the 2010 census. It is the third oldest city in Wisconsin. Mineral Point was settled in 1827, becoming a lead and zinc mining center during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Today the city's historical character has made it a regional tourist destination. The Mineral Point Chamber of Commerce describes the town this way: "Mineral Point, an architectural gem in the hills of southwest Wisconsin, is often described as magical. Historic buildings, working artists, locally owned shops and restaurants, relaxing places to stay and lots of friendly folks … just part of what makes this a special place." I must say I agree. August 22, 2016.
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St. Croix River


The St. Croix River is a tributary of the Mississippi River with headwaters in Douglas County, near Solon Springs, about 20 miles south of Lake Superior. It flows southwest from its source. In many ways, it is a very fascinating river and we have followed her most of the way. Her source in Solon Springs is especially wild, and her meeting with the Mississippi at Prescott, Wisconsin is a picture of beauty, as you can see in this opening photo; Mississippi on top, St. Croix flowing from the right. August 9, 2015. Go to story.

Parfrey's Glen State Natural Area


Parfrey's Glen is Wisconsin's first State Natural Area. It is within Devil's Lake State Park in Sauk County, although I entered from CH DL which heads westward off Hwy 78 near Caledonia. The DNR describes it as "a spectacular gorge deeply incised into the sandstone conglomerate of the south flank of the Baraboo Hills. The exposed Cambrian strata provide excellent opportunities for geological interpretation. The walls of the glen - a Scottish word for a narrow, rocky ravine - are sandstone with embedded pebbles and boulders of quartzite. The moss-covered walls are moist from seepage, cool and shaded. As a result, they support a flora more typical of northern Wisconsin." July 5, 2016. Go to story.

Portage Canal


It is a treat to see the Portage Canal in the City of Portage, and also a treat to learn about its history. This canal once connected the Fox River with the Wisconsin River offering river transport all the way from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. The idea was to enter the Fox River at Green Bay from Lake Michigan, connect to the Wisconsin River through the Portage Canal, and get onto the Mississippi River by taking the Wisconsin River. May 16, 2016. Go to story.

Gallery USA


New! Cheyenne, Wyoming
December 8, 2016

Gallery USA: I served 20 years in the USAF, mostly overseas, and then ran my own business for some ten years, then lost my wife to cancer, remarried, and moved to Wisconsin. So there is much of the United States I have not seen. In fact, I am a bit embarrassed that I have seen so little. Once in a while now, according to what the budget will tolerate, I manage to go out of Wisconsin to visit our wonderful country. I have found some great places and, of course, taken some interesting photography. I confess having grown up in the east, I lean toward going west! I'd like to share these with you. Visit the Gallery.