Good ol' cars and trucks - Cadillac

As we drive around the state, we spot some great reminders of the past, classic cars and trucks made out of "Detroit iron." We skid to a stop, and click ‘em. We’ll set this up by make, and each section will be chronological, oldest to newest, but always classics only.



Cadillac, 1929


Cadillac, 1948. Much of the design for the 1948 Cadillac was driven by the P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft. Buyers loved it, but dealers feared the public would not like it. She carried a V8 L-head engine displacing 346 cubes and gad 150 horses at 3400 rpm.


These tailfins were so popular that mail order houses sold just the fins for people to mount on their Fords and Chevys.


There was instant demand for this car. At the time, people loved the line flowing through the body to the tail fins.


The grille too was a winner, especially the bow of chrome that defined the grille. People loved the "V" emblem with the Cadillac crest, the "V" for victory following WWII.



Cadillac 6107, 1949



Cadillac, 1952


Cadillac Eldorado 1958: Cadillac did not make many styling changes to the 1958 Eldorado. She did get a four-headlamp system and her performance was improved with adoption of three two-barrel carburetors which jacked up her horses to 335.



I see no markings to indicate this was a “special.” I understand the Cadillac Special Eldorado Coupes were specal order and built in limited quantities.


Cadillac 1958, 2dr, Series 62: This was a tough year for Cadillac. Experts say she had a baroque style, lots of chrome, and some said she was "garish." Cadillac sold only 121,778 units and production was lower than at any time since 1954, perhaps due to the recession. He horsepower was reduced to a single 310-bhp version for all models, feeling the drive toward fuel economy. On the sides toward the rear you can see five longer horizontal windsplits forward of the unskirted wheel housing.


The grille insert was wider and the bumper guards positioned lower. The quad headlamps were new.


The word Cadillac appeared in block letters on the rear fins. The fins were less pronounced.


Sweet. She was parked alongside my house in Wausau!


Cadillac Coupe de Ville 1976: I had a tough time putting a year identification on this beauty. I've gone with 1976, though there is an outside chance she's a 1975. In 1976, Cadillac and Lincoln were the only two luxury cars in the US. In 1977, Cadillac moved to lighter, shorter and narrower de Villes, so this is really a classic.


Now there's some Dee-troit iron in this Caddy. I found her parked at Chet & Emil's in Birnamwood, Shawno County. The driver needs binoculars to see the front of his car!