Good ol' cars and trucks - Chrysler

As we drive around the state, we spot some great reminders of the past, classic cars and trucks made out of "Detroit iron." We skid to a stop, and click ‘em. We’ll set this up by make, and each section will be chronological, oldest to newest, but always classics only.


Chrysler New Yorker, 1962. This edition of the Chrysler was fist introduced in 1938 as the New Yorker Special, later simplified to New Yorker. She got Chrysler's very first V8 in 1951, dubbed the "Hemi." She took on what was called the "Forward Look" in 1955. The 1962 version had a 340 horse 413 standard, and you could get as much as 405 horses. The New Yorker was last produced in 1995. We found this one for sale at Pat's Collision in Wautoma, Waushara County, on Hwy 73.


Gotta show you this butt view. Look at the rear quarterpanel trim and the style attached to the rear lights. This is when cars were being designed as a piece of American art, almost Art Decco. Oh yes, that's a real bumper people. Don't have those any more.