Good ol' cars and trucks - Hupmobile

As we drive around the state, we spot some great reminders of the past, classic cars and trucks made out of "Detroit iron." We skid to a stop, and click ‘em. We’ll set this up by make, and each section will be chronological, oldest to newest, but always classics only.



Hupmobile Model T, 1935. As one who had never heard of or seen a Hupmobile, this was a terrific sight. The Hupp Motor Co. of Detroit built Hupmobiles from 1990 - 1940. Robert Craig Hupp had been an Oldsmobile employee and founded the company with his brother. The company grew in the 1920s, but the Depression struck and hurt. Later, Hupp Motor Co. would build larger more luxurious cars. The company would have to fold as the result of internal arguments and hostile takeover attempts. But this machine is first rate, a real classic.