Good ol' cars and trucks - Oldsmobile

As we drive around the state, we spot some great reminders of the past, classic cars and trucks made out of "Detroit iron." We skid to a stop, and click ‘em. We’ll set this up by make, and each section will be chronological, oldest to newest, but always classics only.


Oldsmobile Sedan Classic, 1934. This is your grandfather's Oldsmobile. She's owned by Raymond Schirmer, who also owns Glen-Ray Radiators on North 6th Street in Wausau. Glen, raymond’s brother, told us it’s been around 10 years. You can see his blue Wisconsin Collector License Plate is number "6B," meaning he was the sixth person in the state to register his car as a collector. Raymond’s wife bought it for him. She and son Ronald, now an anthropology associate professor at Minnesota State Univetsity Mankato, picked her up. Family members have said there's some real history behind this beauty. November 4, 2005.



Oldsmobile 88 four door sedan, 1950. She is owned by Nathan David of Merrill, Lincoln County. Nathan has been doing a lot of work on her, including installation of a Camaro front end with power brakes and power steering. Nathan too want to be sure I saw the engine compartment.


Nathan explained that was a 350 Golden Rocket V8 engine. It previously had a 303 in her.


Oldsmobile Delta 88 four-door, 1955. She's owned by Glen Schirmer, who also owns Glen-ray Radiators on North 6th Street in Wausau, and a 1934 Olds Classic shown below. Take a close look at this Dedlta 88's hood design and ornaments.


Looks like a modern delta jet flying over the world, leaving contrails and all. Sweet. June 6, 2006


Oldsmobile 2-door Super, 1957


Oldsmobile, 1977: I found this fella in a Pick 'n Save parling lot in Wausau. You can't miss the yellow! She's a Cutlass. The Cutlass has a long history, born in 1961 and dropped in 1999 in favor of the Alero. Many changes were made to her over those years. In 1977, she got a Buick 231 cube V6 and an Olds 455. This one happens to be the 422, the Cutlass muscle car originally designed to cpmete against the Pontiac GTO. the 442 is listed at 403 cubes and 185 horses. She came only as a two-door.