Good ol' cars and trucks - Studebaker

As we drive around the state, we spot some great reminders of the past, classic cars and trucks made out of "Detroit iron." We skid to a stop, and click ‘em. We’ll set this up by make, and each section will be chronological, oldest to newest, but always classics only.


Studebaker Skyway Champion four-door cruising sedan, 1946. Jim Clark owns this, and he owns Mufflers Unlimited on North Center Ave. in Merrill, Lincoln County. Jim showed us the serial; she was the 10,154th built out of a production line of about 19,000 that year. He bought her back in October 2005. The original had been in a garage in South Dakota, with many of its pieces tucked in the cabin. As a result, this Champion has only 62,000 miles on her. Jim drives it as a second car. Take a look inside the engine compartment


Jim explained this engine to me, but I'm a history major and none of it registered. He was most certainly, and rightly, proud of it. He ran it for me and it purred like a kitten.


Studebaker M-series pickup truck, 1947: Studebaker introduced a whole new truck style in 1941. The front end style was unique to this truck. The light duty truck version was called the Coupe Express. "Studebaker" was stamped on the tailgate and there is also a "Studebaker" nameplate on top the front grille. It's tough for we amateurs to tell exactly what year this is; we've guessed, 1947. The company started making them in 1941, stopped in 1942 to support the war effort, and then resumed in 1945 through 1949. The professionals tell us there was not much difference between the pre- and post-war models. We spotted this sweetheart at Wallers Auto Glass Express & Tire on 3rd Street between Miner and West Lake in Ladysmith, Rusk County.



Studebaker Hawk Gran Tourismo, 1963. The Hawk line was introduced in 1956, and by 1963 had already become a classic line, viewed by many as a "family sportscar," that in 1962 started to take the look of a Ford Thunderbird. What did the "GT" stand for? Grand Tourismo. It had a standard Thunderbolt V8 with 210 horses. This is a popular collector's item, with values that are way up there.