The High Ground Veterans Memorial Park

November 28, 2017

They wrote a check to the USA, up to and including their lives


I was on my way home from the west on Hwy 10 when I came across The High Ground Veterans Memorial Park in Neillsville. I had heard about it, but never visited. I decided to stop and walk through the park.

The Park's introduction tells you this:

"The Memorial Park is a 155-acre manned veterans memorial park that pays tribute to the dead, and honors the survivors, their service, and their sacrifices. The Highground fulfills its mission of healing and education by bringing past lessons into our hopes for the future. The Highground seeks to continue to be a focus of healing for all who come, regardless of the name of the battle which left the scars. The park includes tributes to veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf (Desert Storm to present), as well as, a National Native American Vietnam Memorial, a Military Working Dog Tribute, a Meditation Garden, a handicap accessible Treehouse, an exact replica of the Liberty Bell, Effigy Mound, a Learning Center (with a library) and 4 miles of hiking trails."


There was quite a crowd there when I visited. I soon learned that a ceremony was underway dedicated to those who served in Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan during those conflicts. A map of the region was unveiled. While the map is quite encompassing, it is called the Persian Gulf Tribute. T.he Tribute description read as follows:

"May this tribute honor all branches of America’s Military who served through multiple conflicts in the Middle East while marching forward in the Global War on Terrorism be a place of hope so that we do not walk past you but with you. Let this site be an anchor for education and solace while securing in memory sacrifices made."


This is a Google Earth view of the Persian Gulf Memorial area.

"The shape of the Memorial recalls the impression of a footprint, which is symbolic of the impression left by those that have gone before us while serving in the military."

There are bronze military statues, one foot square granite tiles remembering individuals, reflection benches, granite barricades in close dimensional relation to the Jersey barricades currently used overseas, and a bronze battlefield cross statue. The Memorial is lit and there will be perennial flower beds.

I walked around as the ceremony was concluding and took some photos, presented below. There was a slight drizzle but no one seemed to care.




This bronze statue was in a separate area dedicated to the memory of WWI veterans, presented in 1992.






Just a short story. I was standing on the side of this statue opposite the people looking at it. I tried to get them to move, but I tell you, their eyes were fixated on this statue and they were deep in thought and probably prayer. I don't think they ever saw me! God bless them.







The Tribute reads as follows:

"In 1976 as part of the Bicentennial Celebration, a group of Minnesota businessmen joined together to form a foundation. They wanted to insure that the youth of America learned about our heritage. They commissioned from France, a replica of the Liberty Bell. They had the bell mounted on a trailer and one of their members traveled across the United States with the Liberty Bell. In the course of 20 years he visited 31 states and talked to over one million children."

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