Tomahawk Fall Ride - A gallery from “Rumble at the River”

May 23, 2015

Lincoln 225

The year 2015 marks the 34th Anniversary of the Tomahawk Fall Ride for the Muscular Dystrophy Association that serves northern Wisconsin. As many or more than 40,000 motorcycle enthusiasts and others usually come to the event, held each September in Tomahawk, Lincoln County. There is entertainment, you get to see some of the newest motorcycles and accessories from Harley-Davidson Motor Co., and it raises money for the MDA. It is the largest local fund raiser for MDA in North Central Wisconsin. I attended the festivities named “Rumble on the River” and I have to tell you I loved it. I do not own a motorcycle but it is just a fantastic cultural experience.

I will present you a gallery of photos I took during my one day visit. The photos are arranged according to the time I took them, so no particular order other than that. Enjoy.

Lincoln 170


Lincoln 175

Tent city --- just hangin’

Lincoln 177

The man has set up shop

Lincoln 216

Tomahawk puts out the welcome mat to be sure --- “Rumble at the River!”

Lincoln 185 (1)

The lineup

Lincoln 200

Well, I am a guy you know!

Lincoln 229

I mean, you know!

Lincoln 186

Brewski time

Lincoln 188

Of course I’ll have a brewski darlin’!

Now for some bike struttin’

Lincoln 199

Lincoln 203

Lincoln 204

Lincoln 205

Lincoln 211

Lincoln 213

Now for shoppin’

Lincoln 215

They will and we do

Lincoln 220

Not sure how they parked so up, two, three four but they did!

Lincoln 228

Aren’t those bikes beautiful! Oh yeah, the bikes.

Lincoln 225

On their way out

Lincoln 227

Lookin’’ proud!

Lincoln 243

At stop at the pub on the way home
Lincoln 238

You got it, he’s working the hula-hoop!

Even if you are not a biker, I recommend you spend a day watching them in action. All the ones I met were wonderful people.