Gallery USA - Palisades State Park, South Dakota

Palisades State Park, located in southeastern South Dakota in the town of Garretson, is the second smallest state park in South Dakota. It is about 15 miles northeast of Sioux Falls as the crow flies. It is located on Split Rock Creek. The Coteau des Prairies, a flatiron-shaped plateau formed by glacial movement, is home to the park. It is one of the few places in the nation that contains catlinite. This mineral, also called pipestone, is found in the matrix of quartzite and is used by Native Americans for making peace pipes, or “calumets”. Known as Sioux quartzite formations that vary from shelves several feet above the water to 50-foot vertical cliffs. The park itself is very welcoming. A worthwhile stop. I'll give you a photo tour.

October 18, 2016


I believe the formation in the center is known as Queen Rock


Just to the right of Queen Rock, of course, is King Rock


A very nice path to get to other sections


I think this is Swingset Cove



The bridge taking you over to the other side.


This is fun. Took it from the bridge. I'll zoom so you can see the people preparing to relaxing above the creek



There is some rapids activity for kayakers!


A wonderful place in which to stroll around, relax