Blue Mound State Park, highest point in southern Wisconsin

May 15, 2014


I happened on Blue Mound State Park quite by accident as I was traveling through Iowa County. I was lucky, because I had spectacular weather on a mid-October day and quickly learned I was about to get a spectacular view from this hilltop perch. This is one view of Blue Mound from a park road. She rises to about 450 ft above what is known as Military Ridge.

Blue Mound State Park lies right on the eastern border of Iowa County and western border of Dane County.


This is, one of two towers on the grounds, one to the west, one to the east. I think this is the west tower but took lousy notes! There are plenty of walking and bike trails that range from a half mile to 1.5 miles, and also a one-way Wisconsin Off-Road Biking Association (WOBA) single track bike trail that looks like she goes a pretty good distance around the northeast part of the park. Furthermore, there is a snowmobile trail called the Military Ridge State Trail, also good for biking and kicking. Incredibly, it is the only Wisconsin State Park with a heated swimming pool! There are also campgrounds and shelters, and of course park tables at which to relax and have a sandwich overlooking fabulous views of the state below.

You can get several views of the land below, including of the Wisconsin River valley and Baraboo Range to the north, the mounds, buttes, and rolling forests of the Driftless Area to the south and west, and the young glacial plains and city of Madison to the east.


Having never been here, I was not sure what to expect. As I walked by the tower, I spotted this view through a divide in the trees. So I walked over.


I did not climb the tower. Just stood at the edge of the ridge. I believe this looks to the northwest toward Spring Green and into Richland County.


I think I swiveled to the right to get this shot, looking more to the north.


As I came off Blue Mound traveling on Mounds Park Road I spotted this glorious view of a ridge and weeping willows. The big guy grabbed my attention.


It’s certainly a beauty.

This is a marvelous area to explore during fall.