Harrison Hills

Harrison Hills in Lincoln County is only about 35 miles or so north-northeast of my home town, Wausau, yet for the 12 years I have lived here, I did not know anything about it. It is a favorite place to visit in any season. Maplets writes, "It is carved by glaciers thousands of years ago … (and) sprinkled with clear lakes, picturesque scenery, rolling hills, and moderate to difficult trails. The Harrison Hills ATV Trails flow through the lush 100,000-acre Lincoln County Forest. The trail system covers more than 40 miles and connects to the Parrish Highlands trail in Oneida County and the Langlade County trail system." I will add that it is a wonderful place if you're looking to buy a cabin, especially on the water. I was enamored with the lakes and the cabins.

June 26, 2017


I loved this aerial shot so much I had to "borrow" it from the Harrison Hills Facebook page. It's a marvelous photo. There are numerous roads throughout the hills area. Some dead end, some loop around. I did not do a good job marking down the names of the roads I was traveling as I was so busy enjoying the environment and the cabins. I long for a cabin on a lake.


This is a Google Maps Terrain Layer image that gives you a good idea of the hills in the area. To the lower right, you see CH B which springs off Hwy 17. Hwy 17 connects the Merrill area in the south with the Rhinelander area in the north. Elevation in Harrison Hills is about 1,900 ft.

I'll walk you through the area as I took the photos. It was early May, a spectacular day.


Most of the lakes are lined with cabins and dense forest.




Isn't this fabulous? Can you see that home right in the middle of the photo? Let me zoom on him.


Awe man, does he have it made or what?



It seemed to me that while there were plenty of cabins, there was also plenty of space available on which to build one.