Frosty Hwy 29: what, an interesting ride on this boring road?

December 22, 2011

I have driven Hwy 29 in Wisconsin many times out of Wausau, both east to Green Bay and west to Minneapolis. I have only one thing to say about it ---- Boring!

I was recently in Minneapolis and on December 21, 2011, rode home. Massive boredom. It was pretty cold, in the 20s I would say, and overcast with a spritz of sun every now and then. When I crossed into Clark County, I noticed a change. The trees, weeds and fields were covered with a very thin layer of frost. No longer boring! It was really beautiful. Dodging in and out of traffic, I tried to capture some of it and thought I would share the images. Even though I have a great camera, I’m not sure I do the beauty justice, but hey, if I have a chance to show Hwy 29 in a non-boring form, believe me I will!













Well, yes, I did find one road to get into the heart of the country, but I stopped here. There were large ponds on both sides, and you can see the area at the bottom center of the road is melted, and I feared my Jeep might sink down!

Anyway, once I crossed into Marathon County on Hwy 29, yep, no frost, boring!

Hope you enjoyed. I did.