I'm high on Monroe County

Monroe County is between the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, marked by craggy buttes and mesas along with rugged valleys and gently rolling hills, great streams, rivers and creeks. Its geography is diverse, with part of the county in the Central Plains Geographic Province and part in the Western Uplands. Most of the small towns and villages that grew from the logging and transportation expansions remain. The land is dotted by wonderful church steeples, with towns that have a well preserved historic look and feel. Farmers here have learned to deal with the diverse landscape, and its rolling and hills and bottomlands have led to a very productive dairy industry.


We entered Monroe County for the first time in its northeast corner, down Hwy 173, then on CH EW to Warrens. Almost immediately we found ourselves in the heart of cranberry country. Cranberry if the state's fruit, Wisconsin produces the most cranberry in the country, and it is the state's number one fruit crop. I did an in-depth story on cranberry farming at the Prehn farm in Tomah, Monroe County, north of Warrens. Warrens boasts that it holds the world’s largest cranberry festival every September.


Over in Warrens, the land is fairly flat. Here we started heading south of there and found Monroe County’s “Country Roads” heading into the Western Uplands. This is CH M, shortly after leaving Hwy 12 S just south of Kirby. This is west of Tomah.


I stopped on CH M right where I made the previous shot, and spun my camera to the left. You can see the geography is starting to roll and get a little hilly.


To me, this reflects an example of quintessential Wisconsin. I am standing on CH M, looking straight down lgin Rod. What a great and very typical rural setting in the state.


Still west of Tomah, we are now clearly entering the Western Uplands Geographic Province of the county and the state.


Again, a rural setting so typical of what we see throughout much of the state. I’m partial to hills and ridges, so I find this part of the county particular fun.


Going straight into the Uplands during a lazy drive down CH M.

During September 2010, we took what turned out to be a most scenic ride south southwest of Tomah-Warrens, and south of Sparta near Leon in Monroe County, shooting off Hwy 27 S on to Kate Ave. I will let some photos do the talking.





This last one is my favorite of them all. I printed it, framed it, and it hangs in my family room. I just love this area of the state. As an aside, a marvelous resort named Justin Trails is nearby. I’ve done a story on it. We’ve stayed there, which is how we learned about this section of the state.