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Bay Shore Inn

The Bay Shore Inn is on the north side of Sturgeon Bay in Door County and on the east side of the Bay, not too far from where it empties into Green Bay. It once was a historic Inn and has maintained much of its original character. The Main Lodge is just marvelous, a great place in which to sit, relax and read. We stayed there once on our inaugural visit to Sturgeon Bay and just loved it. Our room faced the bay, we had marvelous weather, and it was about as relaxing as a place can be.

July 3, 2016

I regret I failed to take a lot of photography of the Bay Shore Inn, but you'll surely get the idea from what I do present.

The Main Lodge


One of two sets of accommodations, one on each side of the main lodge.

The Inn is right on Sturgeon Bay, and the grounds are fabulous.

Compliments of the House!


A fairly calm day, but enough surf to help you fall asleep on the grounds.