Clearview Nursery, Weston | Wisconsin thru my eyes
Clearview Nursery, Weston, a walk through natural wonders

November 3, 2010


How life changes. In my younger days, a two hour drive to work in the Washington, DC area was normal. Now that I live in Wausau, driving ten miles out Schofield Ave. into neighboring Weston seems like a laborious undertaking. That is, until you get to the Clearview Nursery at 6414 Schofield Ave, Weston, Marathon County, just a stone's throw north of Hwy 29.

Actually, my wife found it. There is a dump nearby where you can take your recyclables if you missed the truck pick up at home. Naturally, as she is a gifted gardener, she sniffed this place out just a few miles more down Schofield Ave. She insisted I come out and partake of the beauty and hospitality, so I did. Aye, Aye.

While I hate gardening, I sure enjoy looking at the beauty Nature presents us, and there's plenty of it here. I'll just present you photos to show you what I mean.

I'll walk you from front to back. By looking at it from the road, you'd think it was just a small operation. Well, to some, maybe it is. To me, the setting of the displays was just what the doctor ordered. Not true, as you'll see.

Oh yes, one final note. It's November 3, 2010, winter is any day now, and we won't break out of it until sometime in April if we're lucky. I shot these photos on July 10, 2010. Enjoy them through the winter and get psyched up for your spring and summer plantings. Be sure to visit Clearview Nursery if you can.








This is like half-time. We walked into the greenhouse. As my wife had been here before, she knew that a Robin had set up house in a hanging flower basket. Getting a photo of this Robin was not easy.


There's the Robin's Flower Basket House! You can see the Robin's head and beak just at the bottom of the yellow tag in the middle. She's almost dead center. What a life!


I must have made her nervous. We're pretty sure she has some babies in there. So she emerges.


Now she's got a superb observation pole to check out the numb-nuts who's taking all these photos below.


Okay, aerial reconnaissance is finished, now for some ground reconnaissance to get a closer look at what she's up against.


I must have passed muster. She returns to the nest up on Nob Hill. Time for me to leave. This was great fun. I've told my readers in the past I'm only six!

Back to work, which at this place, is fun as well.





Okay, mission complete. We made the full circle. Have a great winter.