Door County Candy | Wisconsin thru my eyes
Door County Candy - Sturgeon Bay

January 19, 2016


While strolling down North 3rd Ave. in Sturgeon Bay on an absolutely gorgeous day, I spotted these three young ladies comfortably planted on a sidewalk bench eating ice cream cones. It doesn't get any better than having those cones on a nice warm and sunny day. So I wondered where they might have gotten them, and looked quickly near where they were located and saw Door County Candy. Of course I had to go over there, look around, and get my own ice cream cone!


Given this color scheme, you cannot miss Door County Candy, and here we see a man eating his ice cream enjoying the day. So lets go inside and see what they have.

The store was once known as Copper Kettle and has been serving customers since 1996. The management boasts, "We continue to earn our reputation for using the finest in quality confectionery ingredients and unsurpassed candy making culinary skills. Our home made delicacies and the old fashioned fun atmosphere continue to turn our regular customers into candy aficionados."

Well, let's take a look.








Awe Man, gimmie some!