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Dupont Cheese, Marion

Seemingly in the middle of no-where pops up Dupont Cheese, virtually on the "corner" of County C and highway 102, in a very rural area we later found out belongs to the town of Marion, in the northeast sector of Waupaca County. It had a retail outlet in front, so in we went.

April 4, 2006

Addendum November 28, 2008: Dupont Cheese now has a wonderful web site. I commend it to you.


We drove out of Appleton, headed north through Clintonville, then west on County Road C, looking for an escape and evasion route back to Wausau when, seemingly in the middle of no-where, pops up Dupont Cheese, virtually on the "corner" of County C and highway 110, in a very rural area we later found out belongs to the town of Marion. Marion is located in the northeast sector of the county, right on the border with Shawano County to the north. At first, we drove by, but in seeing the company had a retail outlet in front, knowing it was nearing the end of the day with hunger pains setting in, we turned around and came back.


As you can see, the front is rather plain. There are rural fields across the street, but there stands the retail store sign, so in we went.


We must admit to being surprised by the large size of the retail section. That wooden sign above the case says, "Dupont Cheese, Inc., 25 yr Anniversary, 1970-1995, Fred & Ann Laack & Family." The company offers other companies' products to the right, where we peeled off some horseradish, and its own products in the cases to the left, where we took a block of Sharp Chedder cheese. This cheese was fantastic, just what a northeasterner would expect of a heralded Wisconsin cheese.


This is the case with Dupont's cheese, which is produced right here in this building. The company advertises that pride is its secret ingredient, and we believe it. You could see pride all over the inside, and with the lady handling the retail area.


Fred Laack is the president of the company (715-754-5424). It is a family owned business, which we always favor, and the family has had five generations of cheesemakers, so you know you're dealing with the "A Team." This is a display of honey, crackers, and cheese.


We had already prevailed on the lady running the retail section to allow us to take photos of the interior, so we shot the cheesemaking area through the window instead of asking to go in, which accounts for the brightness in the photo where the flash bounced off the window. The fine art of Wisconsin cheesemaking is new to us, so we found the machinery fascinating, and, by the way, sparkling clean. Someday we'll have to get back here, buy more cheese and horseradish, and see the place running in full gear.


On the way out, we noticed there was a drive to the rear, so we slickie-slickied back there and found this truck parked. Don't want to beat a dead horse to death here, but this truck has a sweet color, which we'll focus you on in the next photo.


Is that a sweet machine, or what?