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Fox Run Equestrian Center

We happened across this equestrian center in early August 2006, and spotted a young woman training with a darn good lookin' horse and a trainer out in the paddock. As luck would have it, we bumped into a great story, an uplifting one that will make your pitter-patter go heart-heart.



Editor's note: I happened by the center again on a grey, chilly April 2007 afternoon, and saw a bunch of animals that attracted my attention. I’ve added a fews pics at the end of this story. Enjoy.

October 19, 2006

Off of Old Highway 51 on the south side of Mosinee in Marathon County is the
Fox Run Equestrian Center. It has been operating here for the past 15 years. The company's web site describes its offerings as follows:

"Training, boarding, and riding services to local equestrians. We offer a variety of different riding programs and equine services for both horse owners and aspiring riders. Riding lessons, training services, guided tours, boarding. Horse drawn hay or sleigh rides offered year round in season."

We drove by on August 12, 2006, on a spectacular summer day. We understand the center is now preparing its wagons and sleighs for fall and winter activities.


The mere sight of the distinguished looking buildings was enough to draw our attention, but what caused us to stop were two quite different things. First, we saw a young woman riding her horse, probably training the horse and herself, and a trainer tutoring them in the paddock. Not being trained to do this ourselves, we found it fun, indeed impressive, to watch and click off a few photos. Second, of all things, we saw a camel walking about quite care-free.

First the young lady, her horse, her trainer, and the paddock. The photos tell part of the story. We've got some brief text to tell the rest. The story is most uplifting.


The young lady's name is Megan Origner.


The horse's name is "Doc," actually "Conclusively a Doc" in full.


The trainer's name is Bob Calmes. He not only trains, he owns the farm.


Doc's story is interesting. Purchased about 18 months ago by Michelle Lampe, Doc, a registered quarterhorse, had what you might call "attitude." His temperament was easy going, but he did have quite an attitude if he didn't want to do something. His physical condition was very poor. He was days away from the guillotine when purchased. Ms. Lamp devoted a great deal of time and love getting Doc healthy again. If it were not for her, the Doc probably wouldn't be here today.


That's pretty hard to believe when you look at Doc in these photos, isn't it. Shows what love, good training, lots of attention and a team of Badgers can do.


We took these photos on August 12, 2006. A week earlier, Megan and Doc received two blue ribbons at the Central Wisconsin Fair in Wausau. Doc qualified to go to the State 4-H Horse Exposition in Milwaukee.


Now this was no small feat. Not only did Doc have an attitude issue, Megan only began riding the big guy six months prior to the fair. Doc had limited training, having been ridden only a few times before that.


Looks great, eh? Well, Megan and the Doc have shown themselves to be great together, and our hat is most certainly off to Bob, the trainer. We recall him vividly. He allowed us to grope around and take photos freely, and neither Bob, Megan or Doc broke stride in their training routine while we were there. We then jumped into the car and started driving away, when Bob shot us a big wave and a terrific smile.

Okay, now we want you to meet "Hubble," the camel we saw haning out at the center. A couple girls, Jamie, Megan's sister, and Jamie's friend, Sarah, were feeding Hubble some apples off a tree, and they told your editor his real name is "Pesty Hubble."


By popular demand, a close-up...


As is the case in life, Hubble has gone to his Maker. Unbelievably, he was struck by lightening. But the baton has been handed off to a six month old baby camel named Rudy, better known around the farm as "Rowdy Rudy." We all should pay the "Rowdy One" a visit.

April 14, 2007 addendum: I happened by the center again on a grey, chilly April 2007 afternoon, and saw a bunch of animals that attracted my attention. I've added a fews pics at the end of this story. Enjoy.


For rookies like us, this was an interesting assortment. Let's get a closer look at a few.






A fun place to visit!