Glorioso's Italian Market | Wisconsin thru my eyes
Glorioso’s Italian Market, Milwaukee

March 22, 2014


During a recent, and my first, visit to Milwaukee I recalled I was running out of olive oil. Our regular grocery stores here in Wausau do not carry the good stuff in large cans --- I like bulk as I use so much, to cook just about everything. So I hit my trusty iPhone Google Maps and asked for an Italian Deli. My Google maps led me directly to Glorioso’s Italian Market at 1011 East Brady Street in Milwaukee.

Before going on, I want to give Brady Street a plug. What a great place, fine restaurants, shops, taverns, lounges, salons and cafes, all in an area the city is working to develop yet preserve. I’ll spend more time here my next visit to be sure.

Back to Glorioso’s.

I’m a nut when it comes to a great deli. And this is a great deli. I suppose it doesn’t look all that glorious from the outside, but you can tell two things from across the street where you can park: it’s big, and the fragrances coming from it will bowl you over.

I was overwhelmed with joy when I walked through the doors. Put me in a place like this and I’m worse than a little kid in a candy store.

Joe, Eddie and Ted Glorioso opened the store in 1946 using $1,000 loaned to them by their dad, who in turn got the money from his boss. It turned out good old dad, Felice, wanted Joe to open the store to keep his brothers busy and out of trouble. Now that’s a dad for you. There’s a nice history of the family and the story done by
Jan Uebelherr of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on line.

There are a lot of ways to pursue this story. My preferred way is to simply show you a portfolio of photos I took with the permission of David Lang, the Operations Manager. These photos tell you the story. Oh yes, I found exactly the olive oil I wanted, SAICA, and bought two big cans along with some cheeses that I could not resist. I just won’t tell my doctor!

So here we go, in the order I took the photos.












Glorioso’s is a must stop if you are in Milwaukee.