Gooch's A-One Bar & Grill | Wisconsin thru my eyes
Gooch’s A-One Bar & Grill, Boulder Junction

My wife was trying to relive her youth when her family spent much of the summer over near Land O’Lakes and traveled through Boulder Junction. A stop her dad always made was at a place called Shrimp. Her memory of it was a little vague, but she recalled vividly that the interior was decorated with taxidermic animals from the north woods. Well, this was not much of a lead, but I am a great fan of brewskis, and I can sniff out a good place when I’m sniffing. We came across a place called Gooch’s A-1 Bar & Grill on CH M in Boulder Junction. She did not recognize the outside too well, but my sniffer caught a whiff of the place and I knew I had found it. So in we went, and sure enough there it was --- the place once known as Shrimp. I asked the lady in charge if I could take some photos and she was happy to let me do so.

September 14, 2013


Well, you certainly cannot miss Gooch’s, done up in typical north woods architecture, brewski signs lit up in the windows, and a sign welcoming the H.O.G. Rally Riders, H.O.G. standing for Harley Owners Group. There are such outfits in states throughout the country. The 2013 Wisconsin State HOG Rally was held in Minocqua, south of Boulder Junction.


The welcome sign is a welcoming one indeed.


I knew the nano-second I walked in this was my kind of place. Gooch’s had a real nice lunch crowd, great people, all enjoying their meals and camaraderie.

I am normally a bit reluctant to take photos of people inside a restaurant or tavern because some may not want their photos taken, especially those who called in sick form work! Ha!

So let me walk you around the place to show you the animals and fish. If you are a wild-life lover, and you like great food, great people, and a nice cool one, this is the place for you.












So, that’s a glimpse at the Gooch’s. Now that you’ve seen all that, have some of this.