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Handcrafted Furniture Co. of Wausau

By Ed Marek, editor

September 6, 2009


The Handcrafted Furniture Co. of Wausau, Marathon County, is one each marvelous place to buy top-quality furniture at reasonable prices. I have bought multiple pieces there, ordered to my specifications, and I will tell you that they are heirloom quality, period.

The company was established in 1987 has its store on 6th St. and Bridge in East Wausau. The company also has a manufacturing plant in the Wausau West Industrial Park. It usually has anywhere from 5-9 workers and sales between $1 to $2.5 million annually. The company is owned by Steve Woller, who incidentally, is mightily involved in hot air balloons.

The store itself is a wonderful building around which I, for one, would like to see other good, reputable businesses build and invest to upgrade the character of this section of the 6th Street area. The Young's Drug Store was across the street, a long-time fixture of the area.


But Forest Young needed more space so he moved over to Bridge Street nearby and the old building is now up for sale. I wish I had a business --- I'd move in there in a heartbeat. There is another neat building across the street but the mission of the business inside is arguable.

Let's get back to Handcrafted Furniture and show you around inside.


I spotted this birchwood double bed while looking for two singles to put in our rental cottage out at a farm near Birnamwood. I fell in love with the craftsmanship and wood immediately, and asked if I could have two singles made exactly this style and with this wood. The answer was an immediate yes. Nancy, Steve's wife, took down the specs and Steve's crews went off to build them. The result was fantastic. Beyond expectations. Both singles are solid as a rock, the smell of the wood gives you sweet dreams, the styling is marvelous, and both I and my wife, Marcia, see the beds as heirlooms to be handed down in the family over the many decades ahead.


Some months later I needed a queen for one of our bedrooms in our main house in Wausau and I saw this one in the Handcrafted Furniture basement. She was on sale and I closed the deal immediately. Again, another heirloom item. Steve delivered it and assembled it --- I could have assembled it, but I could tell he treasured the workmanship and wanted to be sure I didn't mess it up! If my recall is still working, I htink his wife Nancy designed it.

The company offers a wide variety of furniture. You can sit down with its sales staff and literally design an existing piece to dimensions you need. You can change out drawers, doors, glass, and get her to the way you want.



That darkness you see in the lower left of this bottom photo is my stupid shadow while taking the photo --- this place is clean as a whistle. I wanted to show you this photo nonetheless. Note that chest on the left. I found something like that designed to hold a TV and all the attendant electronic equipment to make a real nice looking entertainment center. I asked them to lower it a bit. I also asked them for drawers where they had doors, and glass doors where they had solid wood doors. They took notes and slam-bang I got exactly what I wanted, and in birchwood rather than a darker wood. Another heirloom.






Again my big stupid shadow in the way, but this is such a beautiful set I had to show it anyway. If I can figure out how to ruin my current kitchen set, I'll get this one. It gives the feel of a casual restauarant.





Last but not least, the brains behind the whole operation, Nancy Woller, Steve's wife. Nancy is the main salesperson and I'm telling you that she will do her very best to give you exactly what you want. Plus she's a lot of fun --- we dig at each other back and forth every time I come in, me pushing for big discounts, she, well, putting up with me in her marvelous and fun way.

These are all great people, but most important, they are professionals --- hard to find these days. When they say handcrafted, they mean it.