Heidel House | Wisconsin thru my eyes
Heidel House Resort & Spa - "An oasis of relaxation"

Heidel House is located on the shores of Green Lake, the deepest inland lake in Wisconsin. It is a year-round full service resort. We stayed in mid-March, and the lake was still frozen over, though one would have to be careful as a thaw was underway. We had a wonderful time at the resort and visiting the Green Lake surroundings.

September 4, 2015


Thar she is, this shot taken from the other side of the lake.


This is the main building as you arrive.


The main building from the other side, the lake side. We did not stay in this building, but in an adjacent one.


This the adjacent building in which we stayed. We had a super view of Green Lake.


This building is also adjacent to the main building and is used for conferences, weddings and the like.

Now, some views of the lake at different times of the day from the grounds of the Heidel House.