Wisconsin rivers from the road and sometimes kayak

Amnicom River


The source of the Amnicom River is Amnicom Lake in Douglas County, a small lake fed by streams from a fairly small drainage area. It flows through swamps for about one mile, joins the Bear River (shown inside red circle), whose source is in the swamps. The Amnicom then flows into and out of Lyman Lake, then flows to the east, and then to the north, east, and northeast for its ultimate destination, Lake Superior, just west of where the Brule empties into the big lake. The river goes through several drops in elevation as it proceeds northward, creating rapids but no real falls, until it reaches a location known as Amnicom Falls (State Park marked by the green box). Amnicom Falls are a series of five falls that occur over a drop of about 120 feet in one mile. The river itself travels for about 30 miles and descends about 640 feet during that time as the landscape transitions from the Northland Highlands Geographic Province to the Lake Superior Lowlands Geographic Province.

I have done a full length story about
Amnicom Falls. I will present a few photos from it to show you here. I have yet to explore the rest of the Amnicom River. It is on my “to do” list.

Amnicom Falls


About 500 million years ago, there was a tremendous fracturing and movement of the basalt bedrock. The crack, called the Douglas Fault, extends from east of Ashland, Wisconsin, to near the Minnesota Twin Cities. This photo is of the upper falls. Amnicom Falls State Park s a “must visit” in my book.


I believe this to be the lower falls, which offers visitors a nice pool below the falls.


This is the Snake Pit Falls.


Heading downstream, to the north.