Wisconsin rivers from the road and sometimes kayak

Black River


The Black River is a tributary of the Mississippi River, rising in Taylor County just to the north of Clark County, and runs about 160 miles to meet the Mississippi on the north side of La Crosse.


These next four photos were taken from the bridge over Hwy 95 in southwestern Clark County, north northeast of Lake Arbutus which is formed by the Black River.





When I brought my photography of this section of the Black River home, I found a surprise.


Look carefully almost dead center in the photo. On a quick glance, you might think that’s just a rock embankment. Not so.


This is a dam. This is known as the Dells Dam, built on the Black River here back in the logging days. It was used to control the river when it was carrying logs downstream to the La Crosse area saw mills and market. The floods of 1911 destroyed the dam. There are still remnants of it along the banks of the river. I have concluded that is what we see here. In 1918 a bridge was built here but has since been torn down.


Same general area, but it's March and the ice is melting and jamming up.



CH W crosses the Black River just southwest of North Bend (Hwy 54), in the southwestern corner of Jackson County. Nearby, spectacular and varied landscapes.


At this point we are about 16 miles as the crow flies northeast of where the Black River empties into the Mississippi, a lot farther if you were kayaking the river as it curls around on its way to the Big Guy.