Wisconsin rivers from the road and sometimes kayak

Grand River

The Grand River rises a bit north of Fairwater and west of Motormen in western Fond du Lac County. Thereafter, she flows generally to the west through Green Lake County until she empties into the Fox River in eastern Marquette County, just west of Lake Puckaway and northwest of the Grand River Marsh Wildlife Area.


I was on Hwy 73 in Green Lake County on my way to Manchester July 2008, a short time after the record June 2008 rains and floods in southern Wisconsin. I crossed the Grand River where Route 73 crosses here just south of Rt 44, shown by the yellow circle.


This is the Grand River looking upstream where she crosses Hwy 73.


You’re now looking downstream. While placid on this day, you can see how muddy the water is from the previous flooding.