Wisconsin rivers from the road and sometimes kayak

Jump River

The Jump River is formed at the confluence the North and South Forks, Jump River, in southwestern Price County. The confluence occurs about 60 miles northeast of Eau Claire as the crow flies. It then flows about 25 miles through Rusk, Taylor and Chippewa counties, emptying into the Holcombe Flowage and going to the Chippewa River for the trip to the Mississippi.

Big Falls


You are looking at the Big Falls rapids on the South Fork Jump River. It is located about one mile southeast of the confluence of the North and South Forks the way the crow flies, about 1.5 miles by water. There is a county park there and a campground. There is also a trail that runs right along the rapids that gives a delightful view of the river in this area. I'll show a few views.




The trail along the river


And finally, I think it was at the end of the trail, or at least s far as I wanted to walk, after thinking I was out here all alone, look at these guys, dad and two sons, just relaxin' and fishing'. Just terrific!