Wisconsin rivers from the road and sometimes kayak

Little Wolf

The Little Wolf River originates near Galloway in southeast Marathon County and flows into Waupaca County through Big Falls and Manawa. Below Manawa the Little Wolf River passes by Royalton then converges into the Wolf River in eastern Waupaca County.

Big Falls


The Village of Big Falls is a small community located in the north central portion of Waupaca County approximately 21 miles north of the City of Waupaca in the Town of Wyoming. Major highways passing through Big Falls include CTH “C” to the west and CTH "G " radiating northeast from the village. Big Falls population in 2015 was at 57 according to the last census.

The Little Wolf River flows southeasterly through the north center portion of the community. Big Falls Pond is the major recreational resource for village residents providing public access for some of the best fishing and boating. Hunting of deer, turkey, and other wildlife are also favorite past times.


The Big Falls Milldam creates Big Falls Pond and serves a hydro plant. You can see the penstocks which carry the water from the river to the Hydro Plant, after which the water returns to the river.


This is Big Falls Pond, really the Little Wolf River before the water comes up against the dam.


This shows the beginning of the penstock from the dam to the hydro plant. The river or Big Falls Pond is on the far side, out of sight here.


The penstock is now hooking into the Hydro Plant.

The next few photos show the falls and rapids.




Once done, the Little Wolf River heads on its way.