Wisconsin rivers from the road and sometimes kayak

Peshtigo River

The Peshtigo River rises in Forest County and flows southeasterly toward the bay of Green Bay. It is mostly in Marinette County. It is 136 miles long.

CH C at the Rapids End Resort, Silver Cliff


The Peshtigo River crosses CH C in central Marinette County, officially in The Town of Sliver Cliff.


A look downstream. You can see a hint of some rapids about photo center. Google Earth shows them extending the breadth of the river, but not on the day I was here.

IMGP6611 2

A closer look. I think even a novice kayaker can get through those.

And then upstream. A small rocky area under the bridge area.

Caldron Falls Flowage and High Falls Flowage

Please take a look at the satellite image. This image is of an area just south of where CH C crosses the Peshtigo River as shown in the previous section:


This is a most interesting area. You can see the Peshtigo River coming from the north (upper left corner of photo), flowing into the Caldron Falls Flowage and out again, and then flowing into the High Falls Flowage and then out again in the lower right of the photo. She will flow all the way to Green Bay. There is a dam at the eastern end of the Caldron Flowage and at the southern edge of the High Falls Flowage.

Regrettably, I did not get to the Caldron Falls Flowage yet, but I did spend some time at the High Falls Flowage. I still wanted to be sure you knew both flogs are part of the Peshtigo River, so there is a lot to see if you get up here.

High Falls Flowage and Twin Bridge Park

I took Parkway Rd. on the west side of High Falls Flowage to the north and came upon find Twin Bridge Park. There was a sign requiring three dollars so I turned around. It’s hard to see on the image above but just south of Twin Bridge Park CH X crosses to the east side of the flowage. I stopped there and took a few photos. As a quick aside, the Peshtigo State Forest lines both sides of the river and flowage to include the Caldron Falls reservoir created by that dam.


I believe this looks to the south from CH X. It’s a marvelous reservoir area.



If you look and squint very carefully, you’ll see what looks like a beach on shore to the left of the pontoon boat. That’s how far I was from her. Three bucks? No way, I flipped my zoomer into action.


And that’s the name of that tune!

High Falls Hydro on the Peshtigo River


The High Falls Dam is one of two dams on the river, southeast of the Caldron Dam, and forms the High Falls Reservoirs. It is quite the operation. I did not know of the dam and quite lost in this area, somehow landing on Parkway Rd. and then hooking on to High Falls Road, startled when I saw this big fella out in the middle of the wilds.


The dam was completed in 1910. It is one of the earliest successful major hydro projects in Wisconsin, and is one of 21 notable hydro dams built in the US before WWI. I understand she has to be taken off-line every once in a while to replace “wooden bearings” every 20-30 years. The wood is under water and the water apparently acts as a lubricant for the generator shafts. The wood is said to come from South America, extremely hard, one used to make bowling balls!

She has five turbine-generating units and produces 7 MW, initially enough to power up all of Green Bay. She still provides power to Green Bay and northeastern Wisconsin.


Once the water is out of the dam, the Peshtigo River flows her merry way to the bay of Green Bay.

Peshtigo River State Park

Before going ahead, I am a little confused over the name of the park I am about to show you. My notes said it was the Peshtigo River State Park, but I cannot find it on maps. I do know it was not the Twin Bridge Park and I do know it was north of that along Parkway Road. I’m sure I read the name on a sign as I entered. It sure seemed very small to me, but I did not explore in great depth. I came upon a boat launch area and I can tell you the scenery was fabulous. There are tons of boat landings around here, and you can connect between both the Caldron and high Falls flow ages using the Peshtigo. I wish I would have had my kayak.