Wisconsin rivers from the road and sometimes kayak

Puchyan River

The Puchyan River flows out of Green Lake in Green Lake County and is a tributary of the Fox River to the northwest. The DNR describes its floodplain as a plain featuring "a mosaic of wetland communities including a large wet-mesic prairie, marsh, and sedge meadow." Wet-mesic flatwoods occurs on low relief, poorly drained glacial lakeplain characterized by the presence of an impervious clay layer, or, locally, where similar conditions exist outside the glacial lakeplain.

Green Lake City


This is a map of part of Green Lake City. Green Lake, the deepest inland lake in Wisconsin, is to the left.


This is the source of the Puchiyan River flowing out of Green Lake in the background. It does so at a lovely small park. Wisconsin Historical Markers tells us this about this location : "On this site in 1845 Anson Dart built the first dam and sawmill, raising the level of Green Lake and forming the Millpond and Dartford Bay. In 1850, John Sherwood opened a new outlet from the pond with a mill race and built a 4-story grist mill. Over the years, several reconstructions of the dam were needed to maintain the lake level, including a major change in 1900 by Victor Lawson. In 1986, heavy rains and high waters caused erosion of the earthern embankment. The Dept. of Natural Resources ordered the lake level to be lowered until the City of Green Lake could repair the dam. With no tax money available, a committee was formed to raise $150,000 in voluntary contributions. And in 1988 repairs were made with steel sheathing to strengthen the dam. Dedication was on July 3, 1988, commemorating the generosity of Green Lake area people and organizations whose contributions made the dam reinforcement possible."


This is part of the overall source of the Puchiyan River, just a bit to the south of the main source. I believe it circumnavigates the dam and flows directly to the Puchiyan River.


This is a bit of a view of Green Lake just to the west of the dam and feeding through it and around it. All of this is in a small but very well cared for park in Green Lake City.