Wisconsin rivers from the road and sometimes from the kayak

Wisconsin River

The Wisconsin meets the Mississippi, the “Great River”


So here you are, the Wisconsin River meets the Mighty Mississippi after traveling about 430 miles all the way from Lac Vieux in the northern part of the state. You are about 5-6 miles south of Prairie du Chien at this point. I visited two look outs.

The first was Wyalusing State Park in northwestern Grant County, on the south side of the Wisconsin River. I visited there in October. The second was Pikes Peak Peak State Park in Iowa, across the Mississippi River from Prairie du Chen and south of McGregor, Iowa. I visited there on a very cold day in January.

Wyalusing State Park

Wyalusing State Park is located in northwestern Grant County on the bluffs of southwest Wisconsin overlooking the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers. The park is about eight miles south of Prairie du Chien in Crawford County.

I’ll “walk you” the final few steps toward the great merger.


This is a look upstream the Wisconsin River. The Wyalusing State Park is 500 feet above the confluence of the two rivers and is one of Wisconsin's oldest parks. It has plenty of trails and camping sites. Indeed while we were there, even though it was a bit brisk, the camp sites were nearly filled and people were bundled up and on their hikes in typical Wisconsin fashion.


Here you see are looking downstream the final section of the Wisconsin River before she meets the Mississippi. The bluffs in the distance, which are in Iowa. The Mississippi River runs just beneath them, right to left across the photo. The rail bridge lower right crosses the Wisconsin River.


This is a closer look at the Mississippi. The waters around the island in photo center are Wisconsin River waters emptying into the Mississippi.

Pikes Peak Peak State Park, Iowa

You’ll get some different perspectives from Iowa.


The river in the center is the Wisconsin, and you are looking upstream. To the left is Crawford County, to the right, Grant County. The water in the lower left quadrant is the Mississippi. You can see the Wisconsin River twisting to the right where it will meet the Mississippi.


That is the Mississippi River flowing left to right, roughly north to south, with Prairie du Chien upstream a bit out of the photo. The ridgeline you see is in Grant County, Crawford County again to the left, and the Wisconsin completing her mission and meeting up with the Mighty Mississippi.


And here is a closer look at the same area. Note the Grant County ridge line, again the Wisconsin on the top part of the photo, the Mississippi on the bottom.


And there you go, the Wisconsin River flowing into the Mighty One.