Wisconsin rivers from the road and sometimes from the kayak

Wisconsin River


Hwy 61 at Boscobel

Unlike the photos below, I drove through Boscobel (yellow arrow on the right) on a warm sunshine summer day in Grant County.


This is looking upstream the Wisconsin form the bridge crossing from Boscobel.


And then downstream.

Hwy 60 northeast of Prairie du Chien

On his trip, | entered Crawford County along Hwy 60 (yellow arrow on the left) from Sauk City on the way to Prairie du Chien. It was January 8. The arrow points to my rough location for the next photos, about 20 miles east northeast of Prairie du Chien.


This is a point near Marietta, just southwest of Boscobel. It is January 8. This shows the main portion of the river, flowing nicely for this time of the year. But it is wide here.


Ice starts to build up as I get closer to some more narrow sections.


By this time, we’re looking at a very narrow section of the river traveling through thick vegetation as you can see on the satellite image above, almost like a floodplain. The fellas are doing some ice fishing.


By this time we are closing in on Prairie du Chien, at about where the yellow arrow points, below.


The Wisconsin will merge with the Mississippi River just a bit downstream from Prairie du Chien, within the yellow circle.