Wisconsin rivers from the road and sometimes from the kayak

Wisconsin River

Wisconsin River - The source, Lac Vieux Desert


This is the source of the Wisconsin River at Lac Vieux Desert in Vilas County on January 9, 2012.




And that she goes for the long trek to the Mississippi River.


Lac Vieux Desert is a 4017 acre lake that straddles Wisconsin and Michigan. It is fed by springs in the surrounding swamps. The Wisconsin River drains from the Lac in the southwest corner.


The initial map I showed is a little deceiving, because of its scale, making it look like the river immediately heads to the south. It does not. It’s a little hard to see on this satellite image, but once the river flows out of the Lac, it heads to the north-northwest for just less than three miles, then turns to the southwest for a little over two miles, and then to the south, and late in the game, near the Wisconsin Dells, she turns to the west to meet the Big Guy, the Mississippi. She flows through the state for roughly 430 miles.

I should show you the short trail leading form the parking lot to the source…