Wisconsin rivers from the road and sometimes kayak

Tomorrow River

Now here is a river. The Tomorrow River is a branch of the Waupaca River and a tributary of the Wolf River. She rises near Polonia in northeast Portage County and flows to Waupaca County where she becomes the Waupaca River. River normally do not change names like this, but this one did.

Nelsonville to Amherst

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Nelsonville is just north of Amherst in eastern Portage County. I was searching for the Tomorrow River, which my kayak guide book said was lots of fun to paddle because it was so narrow. This is a very small town, in the 2010 census numbering a population of 155.




A look upstream the Tomorrow River.


A look downstream.


You might get some arguments here. Mapquest says this is the Waupaca River in Amherst flowing from the Tomorrow River. I do not subscribe to that. I will go with the Town of Amherst and call this Mill Pond. It is formed by a dam at the southern end of the pond which backs up the Tomorrow River. My view is that the Waupaca River starts once the water has gone over the dam! The Tomorrow River is very hard to see in this shot, but it is roughly at center photo. Let me zoom in on that point.


You can see her a little better now.


On the backside of the dam is Mill Pond. On the front side is the Waupaca River, a continuation of the Tomorrow.