Wisconsin rivers from the road and sometimes kayak

Trempealeau River

The Trempealeau River rises in western Jackson County as two streams, its North and South Branches; the South Branch has at times been known as the main stem of the river, and the North Branch has at times been known as "Bovee Creek". The two streams join just east of Hixton, and the Trempealeau initially flows generally westwardly into Trempealeau County, then turns to the southwest and flows past Arcadia. The Trempealeau flows into the Mississippi River just downstream of Winona, Minnesota at Perrot State Park.

Trempeauleau River Dam, Blair


This is the town of Blair in eastern Trempealeau County. The red arrow points to the dam. To the right you can see it forms Lake Henry.


This is the Trempeauleau River Dam in Blair. She builds up some water behind her forming a small lake known as Lake Henry. Saw a couple guys fishing from the opposite bank.


A look downstream a bit as she winds her way to the Mississippi.


Lake Henry, just upstream the dam a bit, was partially frozen over as part of an early March 2012 thaw in Wisconsin. On the far side is Riverside Memorial Park, which hosts a campground, boat dock, landing, fishing piers, softball fields and a lot of things to do.