Wisconsin rivers from the road

Yellow River (Chippewa)

There are four distinct rivers in Wisconsin bearing the name Yellow River. This one is a tributary of the Chippewa River.

Chequamegon (Miller) Flowage in late March


The Chequamegon Flowage is also known as the Miller Dam Flowage. She is fed by the Yellow River from the north, and fed back to the Yellow River on the west side.


As you can see, the Miller Flowage is frozen over, though you can see some melt since this photo was taken fairly close to where the water is headed over the Miller Dam. Moving water tends to slow down the freezing process.


The Miller Dam


Downstream the Yellow River after flowing over the dam.


I left the Chequamegon Waters Flowage on CH M east, took North Road to the north, which, after a maneuver to the right and then immediately to the left, changed names to the Yellow River Road. About a third the way up Yellow River Road, I came across this bridge over the Yellow River, so of course I took a few shots.


It’s March 29, and she’s still frozen over. You are looking upstream.


A look downstream is showing some evidence of thaw, probably because of this section’s exposure to direct sunlight.

Little Bull Falls



Little Bull Falls is in an interesting location, inside the southern border of the Northern Highland Geographic Province, but very close to the Central Highlands Province just to the south. It is part of the Yellow River. Okay, it's not Niagara Falls, but we were driving north on CH A out of Pittsville and as we rounded the curve, we first noticed the Little Bull Falls Tavern, then the falls. It was kind of exciting after a long drive and listening to the falls was fun.