Wisconsin rivers from the road and sometimes kayak

Fox River (Wisconsin)

The Fox River totally in Wisconsin, about 182 miles long, flows from south to north. It is probably better known than the Fox River that flows north to south from southeastern Wisconsin into Illinois. Geographers divide the former Fox River into two separate sections, the Upper Fox and the Lower Fox. It flows through a chain of towns and cities that are often referred to as the Fox Cities, all of which are located in what is known as the Fox River Valley. The Upper Fox flows from central Wisconsin northward to Lake Winnebago while the Lower Fox flows northward out of Lake Winnebago through the city of Green Bay and into the Green Bay.



On one of the days I passed through Princeton in Green Lake County, and northwest of the Green Lake, the Fox River had been flooding. It was July 7, 2008. Most of the flooding events in the Midwest occurred in June 2008. On June 7 alone there were at least six confirmed tornadoes in multiple counties of Wisconsin. Green Lake County was hit hard with 4-8 inches in a few days. I have a few photos to show what it was like in and around Princeton.


This is an area behind Water Street in downtown.


This zooms in on the former photo so you can see the river behind the flood area.



This looks downriver from W. Main St. (Hwys 23 and 73) on Princeton's west side.

I paid another visit in March 2015 and took a few shots just a bit south of W. Main St., from South Farmer St.