Fond du Lac, at the foot of Lake Winnebago

July 17, 2012

Fond du Lac is French for “booth or foot of the lake.” The lake is Lake Winnebago. The city sits at the southern end of it. Winnebago is the largest lake entirely in Wisconsin and one of the largest inland lakes in the US. It is 30 by 10 miles. Two things struck me when I drove through. First, the wonderful old buildings that the city is working to preserve, many along Main Street. I am a huge fan of that. Second, Lakeside Park. The city looks like a great place to stop and explore in more detail.

Main Street, Fond du Lac


This building sits in between Joe’s Fox Hut Pizza on the left and The Woolgtherers retail shop, which specializes in small to mid-sized looms for the smaller home or apartment. I understand the main building to be apartments with the Armed Forces Career Center occupying the first floor. I’d like to give you a few close-up shots of the decorations on the building and give a closer look at the building hosting the Woolgatherers.



I could not find any dates when these buildings might have been put up. However, The State of Wisconsin Collection has a photo of this building taken in 1898.


I suppose one might criticize the painting of these buildings, but frankly I think it spiffs up the block. The orangish building is home of The Goldsmith, which has been restoring old and newer jewelry and offers a large selection of engagement and wedding rings, along with creating custom jewelry to meet your wishes. The middle building hosts Jack’s Team Sports offering all kinds of sporting goods. And then Beernuts Tavern. The top of this latter building is interesting.


Wonder what that “building” is that appears delicately balanced on the corner!


I’ll continue with the theme of showing the architecture of the upper parts of the buildings along Main Street that caught my eye. That’s Slim and Chubby’s bar and nightclub. It looks like a fun place to visit.


This is the Main Exchange which serves great food and specialty drinks and has been doing so since 1979.


This is The Colliseum Bar and Grill, a hometown kind of sports bar and grill. It has some neat murals painted above the windows.

Well, I must confess I am not sure how I became so attracted to all these bars and grills! Ha! The truth is I was most attracted to the architecture, just so happens that bars and grills are in them.

Lakeside Park

I have to tell you I enjoyed going through Lakeside Park. I drove on Main Street until it hooked a hard right onto Promen Drive which runs parallel to the lake, and then onto Lighthouse Dr. and North Park Ave. from which you can see the Fond du Lac Yacht Club. The weather was a bit cloudy, and it was mid-April, but this park was still beautiful. It would be a great place to walk through leisurely.








The Fond du Lac Lighthouse, built in 1933.


It was April 19 when I visited, I guess still a bit early for people to bring in their boats to the Yacht Club.