Oconomowoc, on Lac la Belle

Oconomowoc, in Waukesha County, is roughly half-way between Milwaukee and Madison, near I-94. It was incorporated in 1865 and rapidly became a haven for tourists from Chicago and Milwaukee. At one time it was known as the “Newport of the West.” The citizens have done much to preserve her beauty and legacy. It is nestled between four wonderful lakes, Lac la Belle, on which it sits, Fowler Lake right next to it, a small lake, Lake Oconomowoc just a tad to the southeast, and Lake Okauchee just a tad to the east. Actually, the town is in the midst of quite a few lakes here in southeastern Wisconsin.

July 5, 2012

Wisconsin Ave. is the main drag through town. I was impressed by how the town has worked to preserve the old buildings, and in many cases, give them a bit of “pizzaz.” Here are some shots.


This is a look at the town center as an overview.


Historic City Hall, of course. Setting city governance and politics aside, I have to comment on the detail employed to make this building look so good form the outside. I’ll just show you the clock tower. It’s neat.


That’s a beauty!


The main building you see is The Avenue Square Mall, across from the City Hall. It is enclosed and has been renovated into a quaint indoor mall with the look of a turn of the century street with brick floors, individual storefront, and skylights, not like those huge malls we see so often in larger cities, all of which look the same. Just to the right, next door, with the red letter sign, is “Killer Antiques,” specializing in unusual and unexpected art and artifacts.


My wife always jokes with me that no matter what town, if it has an Irish Pub, I can sniff it out. This one was easy, all done up in red, in a building dating back to 1891. This is “The Pub,” an Irish Restaurant on Main St. with crosses Wisconsin Ave. As I do not tamper with the brew in the afternoon, I did not stop in, but I aim to get back to this area and brewski and dine myself at this place for sure. You can tell by the way the outside is done it is top-notch.


More of Main Street. Left to right, first with the building with the green paneled front, Hansing’s School of Dance,
then Sweet Dreams Candles and Gifts,
Lisa’s Grooming Salon for Pets, both under the red striped canopy, the Natural Health Center which specializes in acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies, Reiki and healing massage. Far to the end, with the black awning, is Splash Martini Bar.

I returned to Wisconsin Ave. and drove over to City Park on Lac la Belle.


This walking dock juts out into the lake. Let’s get a closer view of the homes across the lake.


I’d love one, thank you!


Looking off to the right, some apartments-condos I believe.


We’ll close out with a lovely view of City Park.