Okauchee, a timeless, small town way of life

Okauchee is a small town just east of Oconomowoc and just northwest of Delafield. It has the pleasure of sitting on Lake Okauchee, in Waushara’s lake country. We entered from Delafield on Wisconsin Ave.


As we entered town, we approached a circle, or as the British say, a “round about,” and saw this splendid classic home, for sale! We went around the circle staying on Wisconsin Ave. which went to the left into town.

The many translations of this Indian name include "pipe stem," "small" "long" and "the chief is come.” The Wisconsi Historical Society has written:

“Okauchee, believed to have been derived from the Potawatomi term “gachi” meaning “something small,” was settled in 1839 by Orson Reed. His mill was the first building constructed in the new community and provided lumber for the construction of the nearby Watertown Plank Road in 1850.”


Of course, I immediately spotted the Spitfire Pub and Grill, but too easy to partake. It looked like my kind of place though. After this we wandered over to the lakeshore. Fabulous, as you’ll see.


Okauchee sits on Okauchee Lake in Waushara County’s lake country. And actually, just a very short way to the south is Lake Ocomowoc. I wished I had my kayak with me to go explore this lake.