Sheboygan, “Spirit on the lake”

You can’t call Sheboygan a town. It’s a city, about 50,000 strong, located on Lake Michigan, about 55 miles north of Milwaukee, and 65 miles south of Green Bay.


The city boasts, “Our beaches are brighter. Our fish are bigger. Our golf is better. Our food is the best! And it’s fun to say our name. Try it…go ahead…She-boy-gan. How do you Sheboygan? We surf, kite surf, wind surf, sail, kayak, jet ski, boat, fish, bike, hike, climb, race, golf, eat, drink, dance, relax, spa, enjoy. And we fry brats! We are the Bratwurst Capital of the World, after all.”

Put me near one of the Great Lakes and I’m a happy camper, and that was certainly true for the time we spent in Sheboygan. For this trip, we were only able to drive through and sight see for a couple hours, but fell in love with the city quickly. Next time we stay for a few days.

We cruised down what seemed to be the main drag through town, a historic section well preserved, 8th Ave.


It was a super day, and this place, Urbane, casual sophistication for ladies, gentlemen and cocktails was the first locale to catch my eye, probably because you could sit inside right at the front and look out through the wide folding window opening to the street. I really like that.


We had already had lunch, it was almost two o’clock, but I could see me sitting at the opening inside and spending the day!


We then came to Fountain Park, “In Remembrance of the Heroes who Fought for the Union, 1861-1865.”


For more than 100 years, the park’s mineral fountains have attracted people for their supposed healing qualities. This is the site of the summer Twilight Concert Series and a Civil War memorial.


I thought this to be a terrific old building. It is known as the Henry and Charles Imig Block, restored with the help of the Community Development Block grant and input from the owners. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.The Wisconsin Historical Society writes, “The project architects, Linde Jensen Marcheske Architects of Sheboygan, designed new storefronts … They also re-created an elaborate cornice. A historic photograph of the building was used as the source for the cornice design, including the realistic eagle cresting. The eagle, with its wings spread wide, now looks down on passersby just as it did when the building was completed in 1882.”


This is the I.C. Thomas drug store, across the street from the Imig Block. Built in 1886. It is also known as the Zaegel M.R. & Co. Building, a pharmaceutical building, doctors office and a college. Placed in the National Register of Historic Places in July 1974. The ground floor now hosts the Golden Palate Delicatessan.


This group of buildings is located on New York Ave. in Sheboygan. The center section with the dark lower half hosts what was known as the Zimmerman Design Co. It originated as a Sheboygan-based advertising and design firm, gallimore&Zimmerman, originating in 1993. It is now named ZDO, originated in 1993. In 2000, the company moved its offices, changed its name to ZDO, bought and renovated this historic downtown building and transformed it into a unique space that fuels creative ideas and solutions for its customers. The Biró Restaurant is located next to it, but I understand it has closed.

It can be a lot of fun walking around the historic downtown area. But for me, there is always the lure of the water, in this case Lake Michigan. We found our way down Pennsylvalnia Ave. to Broughton Drive, Deland Park, and Sheboygan’s Harbor Center.


I knew I was in the place where I belong when I spotted this couple and their 1936 Ford. The young lady was mighty attractive and both, in the process of pulling out of the parking space, agreed to back up in and let me take a shot --- I felt like I had discovered Hollywood stars. Ha! They were great sports and we had a lot of fun. I tried to kick him out of the car and run off with the young lady, but he wouldn’t move and my wife was holding me back!


Came across Posiedon’s, a historic building on Pennsylvania Avenue, across from the river, with a great view. It is a newly remodeled restaurant with a full bar.


Here we are at Harbor Centre at the Wharf, a wonderful boardwalk to salivate over the boats and the beauty of the scene.




If you head to the north just a bit on Broughton you come across a pretty darn good size beach.


I’d like to focus you on that home near photo center. Let me zoom on her.


She’s a beauty, back from the day no doubt. Broughton is lined with marvelous old homes like this.


A happy couple walking along the beach front.


So here is a guy showing off his take. He told us they were four kings and one rainbow. He said he was out on the lake for two hours. Bravo.