Shullsburg, Wisconsin’s third oldest community

The City of Shullsburg, Lafayette County, dates as Wisconsin’s third oldest community, settled in 1827 largely by Irish prospectors. The community has done a lot to preserve its heritage. It is located in the far southwest of the state, very close to the Illinois border. The Water Street business district is now a National Historic Landmark, the result of careful restoration. While visiting, I thought I had stepped back in time, in a very uplifting way. The city hosts the Badger Mine & Museum, as it was part of a major lead mining effort in the region.


Of course, as my character would have it, I immediately locked on to the Water Street Pub and Eatery Place. Its charm outside is masterful. As I had a long drive yet, I dared not go inside. I would still be there I am sure. The first floor is the pub and eatery, offering a Pub Style menu with specialty sandwiches, salads, and among the best burgers in the region, with entrees ranging from fish to steak. There are two dining areas. On the second floor is a B&B with four rooms, a great place to chill out while visiting the town and the area.


This is a view down Water Street. If you look carefully, in the lower left quadrant of the photo, you can see the pub and eatery. The building in the foreground is known as the Brewster House Restaurant which hosts a cafe and chesse store. I believe the building itself was erected in 1886. Up on the second floor are the offices of the Shullsburg Cremery, which manages the packaging and distributing of Shullsburg cheese, which has been produced since 1938, founded by a Danish immigrant named Anton “Tony” Pedersen.


The cafe


The cheese store


This is a nice look down Water Street on the other side. Left to right, that is the Risken-Lee Shops, a specialty shop for the holiday season and more; then the First Banking Center followed by other small shops like the Christmas Store and Miner Alley for a cool one.


It was mid-October, a nice fresh day, and the Risken-Lee Shops had a delightful fall flower and pumpkin display out front --- uplifting.


The architecture is wonderful.